Convicted Driver Insurance

Having a conviction, be it a criminal or motoring conviction, can make finding car insurance very difficult. A person with a conviction is seen as a high risk applicant because they are statistically more likely to claim on their insurance. Most insurance companies do not offer convicted driver insurance and are likely to refuse cover if the applicant has any convictions.

Although finding insurance for convicted drivers is difficult, it’s not impossible. There are companies out there that are able to offer insurance for drivers with convictions. When you are looking for convicted driver insurance it is important to make sure you are getting the best price possible because many places that offer cover will do so at a very inflated premium.

It’s important to shop around and make sure that you are getting a fair premium. So that you are certain that you are paying as little as possible, we are able to send your details to a large number of insurers and brokers to enable you to get the best deal.

By applying through you are able to quickly and easily receive multiple quotes from a number of convicted driver insurance providers.

Insurance For Convicted Drivers

We can source insurance for convicted drivers under most circumstances. Here are some of the convictions that our panel of providers can cover:

These are just a handful of the more common convictions that we can source new car insurance policies for. Our panel of insurance companies can offer car insurance for drivers with most motoring and criminal convictions.

You will be able to detail any convictions that you have when submitting your details for your quotations with us.

We feel that a conviction in your past should not make it impossible to get back behind the wheel and it is our aim to find you fair and affordable cover.

Conviction Home Insurance

If you have a criminal conviction you may struggle to take out an insurance policy to cover your home and belongings.

The harsh reality is that many insurance companies will simply refuse to offer home insurance for people with criminal convictions. Some providers will offer criminal conviction home insurance but often at highly inflated premiums.

Millions of people across the UK will find it difficult to take out home insurance because of their criminal record. An estimated 9 million people in the UK have a criminal conviction.

Even if your conviction was for a minor offence, having a criminal record means that insurance companies will see you as a higher risk applicant. Because it is a legal requirement to declare and “unspent” convictions when applying for home insurance it can be very hard to leave the mistakes you have made in your past.

Home Insurance With Criminal Convictions

Everybody deserves the peace of mind that home insurance can offer; knowing that your property and belongings can be repaired of replaced if damaged or stolen.

We don’t think it’s right that people are financially exploited for their past actions and we can help to find insurance for people with convictions.

If you are looking for criminal conviction home insurance it is essential that you compare quotes before going ahead. Shopping around is the best way to save money on any insurance product and especially so for specialist cover.

There are a handful of providers and brokers that we work with who can provide home insurance for people with criminal convictions.

If you complete our conviction home insurance quote form we will automatically send your details to our panel of specialists who will contact you direct with their best price on a tailored policy.